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If you have a question about Safety in Schools, need help resolving an issue with your account or experience errors accessing your courses, please follow these steps to ensure you get the support you need as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Look for Answers

In most cases, you can use the resources below to find information or resolve an error yourself without submitting a support request.

Administrative Guide for Teachers

The Administrative Guide for Teachers provides step-by-step instructions with screenshots to help teachers navigate the Safety in Schools system.

Topics include:

  • Logging into Safety in Schools
  • Getting Started
  • Creating New Users
  • Creating Classes
  • Doing a Group Student Upload
  • Enrolling Students in Courses
  • Exporting Grades
  • Accessing Custom Safety in Schools Courses
  • Using the Classes Function
  • On the My Courses Page

Download Guide

User’s Troubleshooting Guide

The User’s Troubleshooting Guide outlines common errors encountered by Safety in Schools users and easy solutions for resolving them.

For each error listed, the guide provides:

  • What it means
  • Troubleshooting steps
  • How to avoid this error in the future

Included in this guide are:

  • Account login errors
  • Course session errors
  • Connection errors
  • Less common errors
  • Frequently asked questioned
  • When and how to contact support

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Several Safety in Schools courses align to the Alberta curriculum.

alignment documents for HCS 3000, HCS 3010, AGR 3000, CALM and General CTS Alignment can be found on our Alberta Courses page.


Yes. Several Safety in Schools courses align to the Saskatchewan curriculum.

Alignment documents can be found on our Saskatchewan Courses page for:

  • Career Education
  • Science 9
  • Catholic Studies
  • Health Education
  • Career and Work Exploration
  • Wellness 10
  • Welding 10
  • Construction and Carpentry 10
  • Electrical and Electronics 10
  • Autobody 10
  • Energy and Mines 10
  • Mechanical and Automotive 10
  • Wildlife Management 10
  • Science 10
  • Career and Work Exploration 20,
  • Psychology 20
  • Physical Education 20
  • Energy and Mines 20
  • Welding 20
  • Electrical 20
  • Wildlife Management 20
  • Electronics 20
  • Autobody A20
  • Autobody B20 
  • Mechanical and Automotive A20
  • Mechanical and Automotive B20
  • Environmental Science 20
  • Career and Work Exploration A30
  • Electrical 30
  • Electronics A30
  • Electronics B30
  • Autobody A30
  • Autobody B30
  • Mechanical and Automotive A30
  • Mechanical and Automotive B30
  • Energy and Mines 30
  • Wildlife Management 30

British Columbia

Safety in Schools courses may align to some learning outcomes contained in the BC K-12 curriculum, but our team has not completed a review of BC curriculum outcomes or an alignment process.

If you are using Safety in Schools courses to meet the learning outcomes for a BC curriculum course, please let us know which course(s) you are using and the curriculum outcome(s) met.

Yes. The courses in our SWIFT Learning library are the same ones that employers purchase from our Founding Partners to train their own employees.

Taking these courses before entering the workforce puts Safety in Schools students at an advantage when applying to many large employers.

These courses can also give students interested in a career in Occupational Health and Safety a head start toward three competency-based certificates.

  1. From the Safety in Schools homepage, click “Login to Safety in Schools”.
  2. Click on the “Forgot your password?” link below the login form.
  3. Enter your email address and select “Go”.

You may be using an incorrect password and/or email address to log in. Ask the person who registered you to confirm the email address and password assigned to you or follow the same steps as the “forgot my password” process above.

If you have tried to log into your account using an incorrect password too many times, you will be locked out of your account. Submit a Request to have your account unlocked and your password reset.

You may have used an invalid email format or typed an incorrect or invalid character when you created the account.

Please open the user’s profile to check the account information and correct any errors. If you do not see any errors or the student continues to experience login issues, please submit a Request for Support.

No. You can log out and come back to your courses as many times as you’d like, making it easy to complete your courses at your own pace and when it is convenient for you.

Be sure to select the Exit Course icon on the lower left-hand side of your screen, as this will save your place in the course. When you log in again and click on Continue Course, you will be taken back to where you left off.

Note: You cannot resume tests, so be sure to complete any tests you have started before exiting the course.

Yes. You will have access to the course material for one year from the date you first started the course.

After you have mastered a course you will see a Review button beside the Certificate button on your My Courses page. Click on it to open the course and review the material.

If you do not answer all the questions in the module Pre-Tests correctly, they will be added to the test at the end of your course.

If you pass all the Pre-Tests in your course, you will not be presented with the final Course Post-Test, but you will be presented with your certificate.

SWIFT uses an adaptive testing algorithm (used to shorten testing time) based on the mastery score and number of questions selected for the Course Post-Test. You will be presented with questions until it determines mastery or non-mastery.

For example, if the mastery level was set to 50% and the test includes 5 questions, SWIFT will stop testing if the learner fails the first three questions.

If you believe that there has been an error with your Course Post-Test, please submit a Request for Support and include the date and time of your latest attempt in your description of the issue.

You may have pressed Restart Course on your My Courses page, which resets your status on the Safety in Schools system.

To reset your mastered status, please send a message to [email protected] and ask to have your course history restored. Remember to include your full name and your email address associated with your Safety in Schools account.

Sometimes people mistake the Pre-Tests or Module Exercises for the Course Post-Test, so it is possible that you haven’t yet mastered the course. The SWIFT Learning team will be able to show you any previous attempts and the score that you earned on each of them.

Also remember that mastery is set at 80% for Safety in Schools courses, rather than a +50% pass/fail.

You can review the course and take the Course Post-Test as many times as needed to master the material. We recommend that you review your previous attempt(s) and at least some portions of the course material before you try again.

Select Continue Course from your My Courses page, then open your navigation pane using the map icon and select Course Achievements. From there, expand the Completed Tests menu and select an attempt to see an overview of your results and the option to review that test.

Once you feel comfortable with the material, go back to your Course Achievements page and click the Course Post-Test button.

Note: If you click Restart Course, you will lose access to your previous attempts and course achievements. We only recommend restarting a course if you have reached the maximum number of Post-Tests available (10) without achieving mastery.

Please take a screenshot of the error and send it to [email protected] with a brief description.

Be sure to provide the name of the course along with your name and the email address and password associated with your Safety in Schools account.

If you have completed the course to a Mastery level (80%), you should see a Certificate button beside the course name on your My Courses page. Click this button to open a copy of your certificate.

Certificates are automatically generated upon completion, but it can take up to 15 minutes to appear on your My Courses page. Sometimes it can take a bit longer if we are experiencing server or connection issues.

Normally if you wait a few minutes and then refresh your My Courses page, or you log out and log back in, you will see the Certificate button there when you come back.

If you are concerned about your status, please click on “Continue Course”, navigate to your Course Achievements page, and take a screenshot of the results from your successful test attempt. Wait at least 15 minutes and then log back into your account or refresh your My Courses page and see if the certificate has appeared. If not, please submit a Course Status Error and include your screenshot with your submission.

Your teacher may have made an error creating your account or have given you access to their account instead of your own. All users must have their own account with a unique email address and the correct first and last name of the user, as this is what will appear on any certificates earned using that account.

If you are experiencing this issue, please submit a Request for Support and include your teacher’s name and a copy of the certificate. Your teacher will be cc’d on the response from our support team.

Other Resources

Our New Teacher Webinar demonstrates the steps outlined in the Administrative Guide for Teachers and provides answers to questions commonly asked by newly registered teachers.

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Step 2: Define Your Request

If you are not able to find the information or solution you need in one of the resources above, you may need to submit a request for support.

When you submit a request for support, you will be asked to select a request type and provide as much information as possible about your concern. This helps our support team resolve issues more quickly.

There are two kinds of support that you might need: Administrative Support or Technical Support. Click on the support type below to read the definition.

Administrative Support

Administrative Support includes things like:

If you have questions about our program or would like to request an information sheet or brochure, submit a Request for Information.

Submit a Request to Register a School if you are a teacher or administrator at a high school that is not currently registered with Safety in Schools.

If you’re not sure whether your school is currently registered, send the request anyways and we will let you know.

User accounts are automatically de-activated after three years of inactivity and are sometimes manually de-activated by a teacher or administrator.

To re-activate an old account, submit a Request to Re-Activate a User.

If you are currently using our program in your school and you have a question that you cannot find an answer to in any of our user guides or FAQ, submit a Request for Teacher Support / Guidance.

Technical Support

Technical Support includes things like:

Issues logging in are usually due to an incorrect password or an error in your email address when you were registered.

Accounts are locked after too many failed attempts to log in, but our team can unlock your account, reset your password and correct any mistakes on your account.

Submit a Course Session Error if you continue experiencing errors within the course environment (LMS) after following the steps in the User’s Troubleshooting Guide.

Submit an Access / Enrollment Error if you continue experiencing errors trying to access or enroll a user in a course after following the steps in the User’s Troubleshooting Guide, or if your course status is showing incorrectly.

Submit a System Error Request if you encounter system glitches, issues exporting grades, etc., that are not covered in our User’s Troubleshooting Guide or Administrative Guide for Teachers.

It is likely a bug or server issue that our team may be working on fixing or may not be aware of yet.

Step 3: Submit Your Request

Now that you have looked for answers and defined your request, you can submit a request for support.

    User Type:

    Request Type:

    Please include as much detail as possible in your description.

      User Type:

      Request Type:

      What steps have you taken to resolve this issue?
      Checked account information and corrected any errors
      Closed active session and signed out of account
      Checked network and internet connections
      Cleared cache, cookies and browser history
      Added the URLs from Troubleshooting Guide to my networks Trusted Sites

      Please include as much detail as possible in your description.