SiS Foundation of Canada’s New Logo

We are excited to introduce a new look that represents the expansion of courses and programs SiS offers! We are building on our track record for delivering our industry recognized Occupational Health, Safety and Environment courses exceeding, over 100,000 certificates to High Schools students in 2020. We recently introduced a Mental Health and Well-Being course that has seen over 1000 students enroll!

Our new logo represents our expansion into Mental Health, Well-Being and Active Lifestyle courses and programs designed to educate, enlighten, and empower young people to live their best life and embrace their future and all the potential paths and opportunities that lie before them.

SiS is represented by the mirror S’s and I in the middle.

A light or arrow pointing to the future.

The lines in the S’s depict multiple career paths and momentum.

A student with open arms embracing their future and lastly,

The logo shape is evocative of the Canadian maple leaf.