Safety and Respect: Ground Disturbance and Damage Prevention

Ground Disturbance and Damage Prevention

These videos and other resources have been developed to help the public understand the hazards associated with ground disturbance and how damage to utilities and infrastructure can be avoided by working safely.

CSI 811

Fortis – Power Line Safety

It’s Your Call

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Brochures and Further Information

Call or Click Before You Dig

Whether you’re planning a home improvement job, planting a tree or installing a fence or deck, CALL or CLICK Before You Dig to safely identify buried utility lines. You can submit locate requests online at

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Dig Safe with the Alberta Common Ground Alliance and Safety in Schools

Safety in Schools has produced two interactive programs in partnership with the ABCGA to promote safe digging and a better understanding of why it is important. Learn more about these programs and our partnership with the ABCGA here.

Digger’s Guide to Safe Bone Burying

The Hole You Dig

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