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The Safety in Schools Video Library is a collection of video resources from organizations across Canada, including several that were developed by the Safety in Schools team. Here you will find videos that you can use in class or at home addressing a range of topics from why it is important to make safety your number one priority at work to training videos for specific types of work and hazards.

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The Importance of Safety – Why we do what we do

Real People, Real Life Library

Our Real People, Real Life Library features interviews with real people whose lives have been forever altered by a workplace tragedy.  We often talk about statistics when it comes to workplace safety but statistics don’t tell the whole story.

Behind every statistic is a person with family, friends, hobbies, ambitions and a whole future ahead of them. For every statistic you hear – for every fatality and every life-altering injury – there is a real person just like the people in these videos.

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Safety and Respect Library

Our Safety and Respect Library was developed through a consortium of industry and educational partners convinced that better access to information developed by industry is a critical component of career preparation. We believe that safety and respectful behaviours should become a core element of education. Additionally, we hope to provide valuable information for concerned communities and groups.

This library features tutorials along with links to further information on a range of topics including damage prevention, safe driving, electricity and why courtesy matters.

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SHSAtv Video Series

SHSAtv is an ongoing video series developed by our partners at the Service and Hospitality Safety Association of Saskatchewan.

SHSAtv provides it’s viewers with FREE information-packed, high-quality tv episodes featuring leading industry experts on a variety of safety topics ranging from Harassment in the Workplace to Mental Health.

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Other Video Resources

Other Video Resources is a growing collection of video resources that we have gathered from around the web. Check this page often to see what new videos we have added!

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