Our Programs

Our Programs

Safety in Schools offers a variety of online, in-school and virtual-live programs designed to promote awareness of essential workplace safety concepts and strategies, understanding of workers’ rights and responsibilities, and commitment to fostering a safety-centered workplace culture.

We use a two-pronged approach to meet this mandate:

  1. Industry-recognized training courses prepare young people with the basic knowledge and tools they need to recognize and mitigate risk and an understanding of their role in workplace safety.
  2. Experience-centered programs provide students with a deeper understanding of the real impact workplace injuries and fatalities have on the people involved.

Cognitive Harmony 4 Athletes

Calling All High School Athletes and Coaches! 

Safety in Schools’ new sponsor, CAP Health offers a FREE sports brain training program called Cognitive Harmony 4 Athletes via zoom to help athletes stay mentally fit every Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:00. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sports have been sidelined and we know this is taking a toll on young athletes’ mental and physical well-being. We also know that physical exercise is recognized as the single largest cognitive enhancement stimulus. 

Train with Sherwin Ganpatt, CSO of CAP Corporation and his special guest announced each week. Everyone from AMP Hockey Coach Dampy Brar winner of the 2020 Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award to Beko Wande, U of C Dino Football player, to Tod Massie, a renowned local artist and Dr. Ace Casiano, a Chiropractor and specialist in Functional Movement.  

Sign up at caphealthforlife.com/zoom-sports where you will find all the details. 

Industry-Recognized Training Courses

Our SWIFT Learning courses make up the bulk of our online course library.

These courses were designed by subject matter experts for industry use and provide students the opportunity to earn valid, industry-recognized safety training certificates.

Online delivery

Online delivery allows students to work at their own pace and the combination of visual, audio and written content helps them absorb the information in the manner that works best for them.

While students are engaged through online, interactive courses, teachers are provided with a no-cost method of lesson delivery and confidence that the information their students receive is accurate, up-to-date and meets industry standards.

Earning certificates

Students who achieve a minimum of 80% on their final course post test are awarded a valid, industry-recognized certificate immediately upon completion of a course.

This standard ensures that students understand the material and can apply it to their working lives effectively.

Students are given multiple opportunities to master a course, so if you do not earn a certificate the first time around, that’s OK! You can review the course and take your test again.

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Program benefits

Our SWIFT Learning Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Library is designed to meet the needs of students in any learning stream, regardless of which career path they choose.

While the primary goal of this online course library is to provide vital safety training to students before they enter the workforce, there are several additional benefits:

  • Curriculum Alignment: Several of our course offerings align to curriculum outcomes in the Alberta Career and Technology Studies (CTS) learning stream.
  • Industry Recognition: Courses in our SWIFT Learning HSE Library put students at an advantage when applying to many large employers.
  • Career Head Start: Certificates earned through the SWIFT Learning HSE Library can give students interested in a career in Occupational Health and Safety a head start.

Visit Our Courses Page to learn more about these benefits, read course descriptions, and access curriculum alignment documents.

Experience-Centered Programs

Online Resources

Our team has developed several online resources to complement our SWIFT Learning Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Library with experience-focused content.

Our Safety in Schools Custom Courses use real-life experiences and interactive content to explore a variety of health, safety, and wellness topics relevant to youth. This real-life focused content is designed to make these topics feel personal and less abstract.

Our Real People, Real Life Video Library features real people whose lives have been forever altered by workplace tragedies.

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Speaking Program

Our School Speaking Program brings survivors of workplace injuries into schools to speak directly with students about their experiences.

When survivors tell their stories, suddenly a workplace injury is no longer an abstract idea to the students listening – it is a real thing that happens to real people and the evidence is right there in front of them.

Visit www.safetyinschools.ca/speakingprogram to learn more.