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Get Involved

To help our youth get ready to work safely and avoid becoming a statistic, Safety in Schools brings together employing organizations from all industries to deliver workplace safety training to young workers through their high schools.

Whether you are an educator, student, parent or employer, we need you to get involved!

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Workers between 15 and 24 have the highest risk of getting hurt at work, with half of those injuries happening in the first six months on the job. Proper workplace safety training is key to reducing these statistics.

What the statistics don’t tell you is that safety training is one of the things that more and more employers are looking for when they hire inexperienced workers. Listing safety courses on your resume won’t just make you look better on paper—it could just get you the job. And from your first day at the worksite, those courses will help you stay safe, injury-free and ready to move up.

The Safety in Schools program is available to teachers all year at no cost. We encourage teachers to register their school at any time.

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    Become a Sponsor

    Invest in the next generation of workers.

    There are five key ways employers and industry organizations can support this initiative:

    1. Bringing injury survivors into schools to speak about their personal experiences is key to changing young peoples’ perspectives on the importance of taking safety seriously.

      Learn more about the impact of our school speaking program.

    2. Our sponsors ensure that we are able to keep our program running and reach out to more schools and students through annual contributions or one-time donations.

      Request a sponsorship package.

    3. Sponsors can direct funding towards marketing the Safety in Schools program in their operating areas helping them to develop their emerging workforce.

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    4. By accepting and recognizing Safety in Schools certificates you are helping us encourage young people and their teachers to become safety educated before they hit the job market.

      Learn more about our industry-recognized courses.

    5. Sponsors also provide in-kind support to Safety in Schools. They provide industry expertise, offer guidance and engage directly with youth in the classroom and on site.

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