NEW: The Hole You Dig – Ground Disturbance Gone Wrong

What does it mean for you, your coworkers and the community surrounding you when you damage an underground utility? What activities are you doing that could result in damaged to facilities under the ground that you may not have known were there? What can you do to reduce your chances of damaging an underground facility on your own property or at work?

In this newly available course – The Hole You Dig: Ground Disturbance Gone Wrong – students will learn about the real life consequences of ground disturbance gone wrong and how they can avoid those outcomes.

The course begins by reviewing the basics about safe digging – that there are facilities buried under the ground that we cannot see, so it is important to call or click to request locates before digging or disturbing the ground. Aside from that introduction, the course focuses mainly on why it is so important to know what’s below and respect locate marks.

The Hole You Dig uses examples of incidents in which buried facilities were damaged due to unsafe digging practices to explore the widespread impacts that  incidents have on the surrounding community.

The purpose of this course is to help young people understand that when it comes to safe digging, it’s not just about the individual who could get hurt or fined – the effects of a natural gas explosion, power outage or communications outage can be widespread and very serious.

The Hole You Dig is available now on your Safety in Schools online library!

Who Should Take The Hole You Dig?

The Hole You Dig: Ground Disturbance Gone Wrong provides an excellent introduction to the concept of safe digging and its vital importance to anyone who needs to dig for any reason. Regardless of the type of job a student is working in or has planned for their future, there is a significant chance that at some point they will take part in a digging activity, either at home or at work.

Teachers are encouraged to include The Hole You Dig as a module in your AGR 3000 and CALM courses. We also encourage career and guidance counselors to make this course available to any of your students who may be interested in learning more about this important topic.

How to Enroll Students

This course is hosted separately from our THRIL iLibrary courses, but the process to enroll your students is similar to what you are used to.

On your Manage Enrollments page, you will now see two tabs – “THRIL Courses” and “Safety in Schools”.

When you select “Safety in Schools” you will see a list of the users in your school with an “Enroll” button beside each student and a growing list of custom SIS courses along the top. Click on the “Enroll” button beside the student’s name and below the course name, “The Hole You Dig”.

Once you have enrolled a student in the course, it will appear on their “My Courses” page along with their THRIL courses.

To reflect the addition of this new custom course and other changes, we sent out an updated User Guide to all of our teacher users in 2016, and have made it available on our website.

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