Dig Safe with the ABCGA and Safety in Schools

Dig Safe with the Alberta Common Ground Alliance and Safety in Schools

As a member of the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA), Safety in Schools is committed to developing and providing resources that will help our emerging workforce better understand their responsibility when it comes to safe digging.

Any time you take part in a ground disturbance activity, you run the risk of damaging buried facilities. These could be oil or gas pipelines, telecommunications cables, electrical cables, water or irrigation lines – there are a wide variety of things buried beneath the surface that you might not know about on your own property or worksite. Fortunately, you can find out what might be buried there by having a locate completed before your project begins.

Safety in Schools had produced two new resources to promote a better understanding of the importance of safe digging and how to dig safe.

Digger’s Guide to Safe Bone Burying

Digger’s Guide to Safe Bone Burying is our first foray into developing resources for elementary school aged children. This online, interactive activity introduces kids to the basic concepts of safe digging and the need to CALL or CLICK before you dig.

The Hole You Dig

The Hole You Dig: Ground Disturbance Gone Wrong was developed for our typical high school audience, but is appropriate for adults as well. This online course focuses on the widespread impact that digging gone wrong can have on the surrounding community, residents and businesses. This course has been available to our high school users since August 2017 and is now accessible below. This course will also be made available soon at DigSafeAB.ca.